The Exact Opposite – You Work For Us Now

The Exact Opposite’s debut single ‘You Work For Us Now’ arrives with a confident and invigorating energy that marks a notable entry into the music scene. This track not only showcases Jamie Stuart’s sharp, post-punk guitar stylings and Nigel Powell’s dynamic programming but also sets a definitive tone for what the band stands for musically and thematically. Produced in Jonny Greenwood’s studio and part of their forthcoming album ‘Skill Issue,’ the single encapsulates themes of perseverance and commitment to one’s art, resonating with anyone who understands the trials and triumphs of creative endeavors.

The single, one of the first songs penned by the duo after reuniting, captures the excitement and essence of their musical chemistry which dates back to their days in the band Dive Dive. Its robust sound combines spiky guitars with a danceable rhythm section, creating an infectious blend that’s both nostalgic and refreshingly modern. The accompanying music video, directed by Nigel himself, adds a visual layer to the song’s narrative, enhancing its atmospheric quality.

‘You Work For Us Now’ is not just a song but a statement, promising a future rich with artistic integrity and innovative music. As The Exact Opposite continues to roll out their debut album and tour dates, they are undoubtedly a band to watch for those who appreciate music that melds the best of post-punk vigor with introspective lyrics​.