Holy Locust – Beneath The Turning Wheel

It is during these times when music is the only sanctuary, the only thing that mirrors our anxiety, our aggravation, and yet, the smallest glimmer of hope in the world. Holy Locust, a New Orleans-based folk punk act, do fearlessly dive into the emotional aspects with their upcoming full-length album, “Beneath The Turning Wheel”. With the combination of the aggressive and the soft sounds the album becomes an intricate piece of music.

The first song, “Untitled”, may seem to be like the vague title, but it works to create a dark and heavy feel. It is a composition which absolutely envelopes you in a warm and comforting atmosphere supported by the melody of a fiddle that is a bit sorrowful with deep, resonating effects. From the very first notes, the melancholy and introspection feel as if they are floating above the whole, leading to the overall tone.

One of the tracks that I am very fond of is “Sorrow Head.” This song is a haunting track that creates a gloomy atmosphere, very much like “Untitled.” It carries the somber vibe of one who is suffering from grief and heartache. Nevertheless, the track does not portray the darkness throughout but shifts towards a more uplifting mood near the end. The tempo picks up, and the song becomes more optimistic, hinting that somehow there is a way to get over sadness and reach for peace.

“Beneath The Turning Wheel” is an album that requires our ears, as it echoes those chaotic times we are living in. Holy Locust created a masterpiece of art that evokes the need to not only see but reflect on the difficulties we are facing. I am saying with the all sincerity in my heart, this is the best folk punk album of the year. The vision of Holy Locust sets the tone for the whole album in which we are welcomed to address the issues of our world and join the quest for a holier tomorrow.