Layto – My Head

“My head” is a new song created by the gifted artist Layto from the EP ARRIVED. That’s a song you will be hooked with right from the first line. In the slow, but unstoppable lines, the talented musician won our hearts and our minds with sparkling clouds of sweet and disarming melodies. Layto’s voice is so clear and nice that it has such a healing effect on your soul and let you enjoy the whole atmosphere. The light melodies and the echoes of the choruses build a story with attractive dance moves. This wonderful masterpiece brought us up to such a degree that we can’t wait to see what the future holds for Layto in the coming months. While Layto is saying “I’m fighting for the crown of king but my head is a conversation with inner doubts and how I combat them. The music video depicts me in the boxing ring fighting different versions of myself who represent the voices in my head who cause doubt.”

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