WITTMAR – Drops of Rain

“Drops of Rain” is the new piece of art by WITTMAR that takes us on a thoughtful trip into the labyrinth of Nordic folk music, made to touch upon the topics of life, death, and the traces we transmit. Apart from the fact that the song was written by the band’s lead vocalist, Marika, in her circus wagon, the song is about the existential ruminations of our minuscule, yet very important influence on the universe.

“Drops of Rain” is a perfect example of WITTMAR’s unique blend of traditional folk instruments and ethereal production. It creates a feeling of intimacy and at the same time, it is expansive. The voice of Marika, tinted with an emotional blend of wonder and melancholy, is interwoven with the music, creating images of the somehow silent, yet always present echo of our presence—like the rings on the water that remain long after we’ve gone.

The single is released on May 3rd, which we believe is an important piece of the upcoming album. It has the potential to be the foundation that would allow an audience to experience the way WITTMAR is able to create music that is both immersive and thought-provoking. The feeling of excitement about the album is further boosted by the planned European tour and festival appearances of the band, which will allow fans to see the band’s amazing live performances.

“Drops of Rain” is not only a song, it is a venerable statement in WITTMAR’s developing discography where they explore the subject of deep lyrical themes and marvelous soundscapes. It cements its place as one of the folk scene’s brightest acts with a sound that blends airy tones and deep evocative lyrics that appeal to anyone who appreciates music that makes you feel something.

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