Will Linley – Tough (The Girls Song)

William Linley is a well-gifted musician in the world that has kept the music alive. He is passionate about his singing and songwriting, and it comes out in every single track he releases, pouring all his love and soul into the project he is taking up. “Tough (The Girls Song)”, Will Linley’s new song, has swept the music scene with its artistic brilliance.

“Tough (The Girls Song)” is a danceable breakup song with a slight edge and amazing chorus. The lyrics in it are honest and relatable. He goes on to say “‘Tough’ to me is so carefree and playful and it really is the type of music I want to explore more. I think it was such a fun song to write and it really shows in the recording of it”.

“Tough (The Girl Song)” has all the features of a great single which is both catchy and understandable. The song has Will Linley lamenting the end of long-distance relationship with the declaration. If you enjoy listening to indie pop, then “Tough (The Girls Song)” by the versatile Will Linley is what you should have a listen to.

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