Motorbike James – TRUCK

The very first time I heard about Motorbike James was when I heard his song “MeRoll…” and fell in love with his album, ‘Visions’, which I consider as 2021’s best album… He is not an average psychedelic act that tries to imitate Tame Impala… he is unique and owns his own style… I have been anxiously waiting for his next move… and he

The instant you start listening to this “summer” track the first thing that hits you is its really unique narcotic style. The jazzy guitar riff that is a bit off the beat is nicely transported by a boxy drum sound. The lively tune is happy-go-lucky and somewhat nostalgic reminiscent of the ‘60s Beatles songs and has the Britpop sensibilities, but with a more mature and down-to-earth tone. The finest part of the cake is the sweet, graceful voice of Motorbike James; that is his unique trademark.

The songwriting is the last element left to polish which is so important as well as the vocals and the production. “TRUCK” is surely not a deep transcendently inspired song of all times, but it is, without a doubt, pleasurable and fun to the maximum. James, the motorbike is a mantra of catchy fun that he recites again and again. The only one point that I have is that I should wait until the other one!