Minus Satellite – Mechanical Waves

It is unfortunate that you can throw a rock and hit someone who sings songs in his bedroom, but Minus Satellite sounds too fucking big to fit into any home recording studio. Covid brought in a lot of frustration for everyone. Instead of letting the frustration build up, the three guys took it upon themselves to form a band that they would use to let it all out. In just two years they have already built up a reputation as good as the oldest veterans of the hardcore scene. The first few seconds of screeching feedback inform the listener “We have our amplifiers, so be ready to join us on this ride.” (And I am sorry for using the F word, but you will understand why once you hear this song).

That said, they wrote UpToHear for a review of their new song, “Mechanical Waves,” so here we go. After listening to “Forté,” it lends the time to catch one’s breath a bit and patch those wounds. It is much slower, at first, and really gives the listener a chance to hear the empathetic and, dare I say, tenderness of Adam Mortaro’s vocals: ‘Am I alive or simply dreaming?’ “Carry me to outer space,” a mantra I have repeated to myself countless times in the past two years. This song is actually written in the same style as the one you are about to listen. From minute three things start to get thrown at your face again. This group are as good as any signed artist and if they continue their progression by writing a couple more songs, I won’t be surprised if they become a huge band.