THE HILL – Get In Line

“Get In Line,” the debut album from The Hill, is a heartfelt exploration of Americana and modern folk music that showcases the remarkable talents of Jon Kowit. This album is a testament to the serendipitous reunion of Kowit and his childhood friend, the acclaimed producer and multi-instrumentalist Mike “Slo-Mo” Brenner. Their collaboration breathes life into Kowit’s introspective lyrics and unorthodox songwriting methods, creating an album that is both profoundly personal and universally relatable.

From the introspective opener “Dent” to the poignant closing track “Driving,” the album delivers a rich tapestry of sounds and stories. Brenner’s masterful production incorporates pedal steel guitar, keys, and violin, enhancing the folksy and Americana vibes that permeate the record. Tracks like “Setting Sun,” featuring Meaghan Kyle, and “Let Myself Fall” highlight the emotional depth and musical versatility of The Hill.

Kowit’s journey from a shy, self-taught musician to a confident songwriter is beautifully captured in every note and lyric of “Get In Line.” His previous experiences as a record store employee and indie label owner add layers of authenticity to his music, making this album a genuine reflection of his artistic evolution.

For fans of heartfelt storytelling and rich musical landscapes, “Get In Line” is a must-listen. Be sure to follow The Hill on social media to stay updated on future releases and join them on this incredible musical journey.


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