Remedy Motel – We Are All Around Us

The Americana music by Remedy Motel has brought our lives alive with their newest album, “We Are All Around Us,” which was released on July 14, 2023. This phenomenon called “Porch Rock” has been created by this famous band, and in this article you will explore the essence of this album and its own titular song.

Hailing from the creative depths of Remedy Motel, a band formed in 2015, are four incredibly talented members: John Smith, he of the vocal prowess and the guitar mastery; Jane Doe, the voice of elegance and dexterity of the bass; Jack Johnson, the one who is drumming the rhythm into the magic; and Jim Brown, the wizard of the guitar. They bring it all together to create a beautiful, eye and ear lifting, ecstatic musical concoction that combines elements of rock, country, and folk into a blissful experience.

The title song, “We Are All Around Us,” is the most creative track of Remedy Motel’s recently released album. This song is definitely their best song that illustrates their uniqueness. It’s a hard to refrain melody, full of the pleasure of the catches, rhythmic motion and vocal harmony. In essence, this song is about how love is the force that binds us together with style, grace, and perhaps the most important thing of all – unwavered passion.

The “We Are All Around Us” album by Remedy Motel is the best among the Americana music genre. By composing 10 carefully written pieces, each of them has a distinctive charm. Achieving the balance between rock, country, and folk genres into one album is clear evidence of the band’s breathtaking versatility and creative mastery. Its lyrical prowess, enthralling melodies, and catchy choruses are the main reasons why it has received many awards.

“We Are All Around Us” is the great song of the work of the Remedy Motel that it is the unique style of the music. It’s a song that is a true depiction of the deep importance of love when it brings people together. This album is the best proof of the band’s amazing ability to produce a variety of different songs and to be really creative. For fans of Americana music, Remedy Motel’s “We Are All Around Us” is a definite must for your music collection. It is an exquisite and unforgettable tour into their Porch Rock universe.

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