Garth Adam – Tell Me One Thing

Australia has been a long time home to musical talent and one name you can’t overlook in the music scene is Garth Adam. Australia has given us another masterpiece from its musician, Garth Adam, he recently brought us a joyful mid-tempo pop-rock song titled “Tell Me One Thing.” In this article, we are going to discover what this song is all about and the way Garth Adam’s music journey is unique.

The chorus of this song is a powerhouse of energy which is so amazing because it is the exact opposite of the calm description in the verses. However, the one that is most impressive about Garth Adam is his talent of writing melodies that are catchy and instantly memorable. The hook begins to pull you in, making it hard not to start singing along. This kind of song is a hit! It is a song that not only will you remember, but will get stuck in your head, and you’ll find yourself humming the chorus long after you’ve listened to it.

Musical style of Garth Adam is a mixture of various influences he had as well as his life experience. Throughout his career, his sound has been in the process of evolving into its own folk-sensitized pop style that he appropriately diagnoses as “a mix of Neil Finn and The Lumineers with some Beatles influence”. This mix of folk elements, pop sensibility, and a bit of classic rock makes for a musical palette which is both refreshing and timeless.

Garth has developed a style of music that hits the right chord with listeners, touching on emotions that run deep in them. “Tell Me One Thing” is a beautiful song that proves his level of artistic skills of merging a light atmosphere, with melodious hooks and meaningful lyrics.

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