Record Thieves – Fault Lines

Record Thieves have now released their single “Faults Lines”, a solid punk rock song that is radio-friendly with an accessibility that makes it easy for it to be added to a playlist. The intro might have a few more bars than the modern-day single, but the thirty seconds spent on it is time well spent because this song does not disappoint. There’s some solid playing, a key chorus that has a wild sing-a-long hookiness and moves up in pitch just when it should. The song is about a love that is tortured by some emotional conflicts, both internal and external. The lyrics are relatable to everybody, but they are also ambiguous enough to be interpreted in many different ways, depending on different personal experiences. The chorus repeats: “Out of the deep/after everything//after pain, after grief, after giving everything just to finally see you down/after you have given it all.” The bridge has a connective function, but it keeps moving from the stated rhythms and there are some delightful changes in the tempo and texture that help listeners get ready for the outro. At the conclusion, the layer of harmony is added and the main vocal is amplified to be able to make the song more beautiful.