A Vulture Wake – Lost Cause of the Year

To me that was how I felt when I first heard “Lost Cause of the Year,” one of A Vulture Wake’s songs. I was surprised and excited. But, as gifted and crafty as these people are, they are my go-to people. These two musicians do not only have excellent music skills but also very strong vocals, which is everything that this musical amalgamation needs. As the verse section unravels into an oscillation between tight riffing and floating spaces, it is evident that the two musicians are well-versed with what they are doing, and so the chaos does not seem to manifest as it normally would. The overwhelming chaos, however, forms a beautiful harmony when it reaches the chorus, if one can call it that. After some time, I would conclude it is not catchy but it is well presented. The lyrics did not repeat but were delivered with such force and melody that the listener would be captivated with them.

My progressive-loving mind craves more of this although it is not progressive (it is categorized as a punk). This is something different. This is At The Drive-In for me, not because they sound like them, but because they are an odd band that is good at playing something other than what is expected. I already felt so drawn that I even went back to their latest EP, Kingdom, and I was not disappointed as it possessed the same inventive yet accessible punk-prog hybridized rock. A Vulture Wake is the band to choose if you are looking for something new and intriguing.