Otis Fonde – Walked In

It is a magic song, “Walked In” from the talented artist Otis Fonde, and the song is going to make you play it over and over. The beat is nice and the product is good, I’d say it’s very professional. We continued to listen to their voices up to the last second. Her vocal is just perfect, and the lyrics are authentically hers. Thus, in an enchanting jump of arpeggios, Otis Fonde touches the bodies with his bewitching rhythm. This song’s energy is so amazing that ”Walked In” is a unique one that you start till the end as we hope you will love it as much as we did.

Growing up a country boy deep in the 804, Otis Fonde (Fon-day) always knew he was different. While his peers would spend countless hours watching TV and playing video games after school, Otis dedicated that time to investing in developing his craft for making music. Inspired by his father (a former DJ) Otis spent endless nights making beats and writing rhymes honing his rarely disclosed talent.

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