Ne’er-do-well – Compromise

Houses are constructed on foundations and melodic punk/rock songs are based upon choruses. He never avoids his responsibilities, so not only has he put on his hard hat, laced up his steel-toed boots, but he is ready to put on that orange, reflective vest to check what is lurking below the surface of a promotional submission email. Thankfully, I was able to get the right measurements, nice work and all of the boxes checked!

The first single off Ne’er-do-well’s debut EP Fun Day, “Compromise,” does what it is expected to, when it is expected to, and how it is expected to. The way they bulled their own sonic plot of land is too much like Fall Out Boy. I will be a little dirty in the metaphor, but the point is that they have made a nice choice of the neighborhood to build a musical home. And I know it won’t be a big surprise if by the end of this loud-guitar sing-along session you will also become one of the misanthropes like me, which is a result of this unfair world. Relationships can be rough, just like a foreman who just didn’t get his coffee.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone in feeling like life fell short of expectations; at least we have a song like “Compromise” that exceeds them! Hey, it’s even got a tasty guitar solo, so cheer up and sing that chorus one more time: Comproomise. Am I the one who is getting the best deal or is it merely another compromise? I regret this because I should have spoken my mind a bit more.