Level Head – Comet

UK based band Level Head now present their hit song “Comet”, which is a mix of power and confidence. For people who love a catchy riff and have sweet vocals, drums, bass, and guitar are the ingredients to make this three-layer cake of music. The track opens with the melody of a single guitar, and then it is the turn of the riff which is meant to be played on the arena. The entire band settles into the riff with the help of a semi-often used dynamic and cascades down in the form of a verse as the chorus starts. Even though the music is good, the vocals makes it a cut above the rest. The tune is catchy, and it sets the pace to the melodic climb that the chorus somehow brings in. At that moment, it’s a pure rock song that makes us feel good and even great! The singer Maxx Wallace roars, “But you are the sun to my starry eyes and I am the one who cast my shadow wide.” Vocals are strong but not overpowering and the lyrics are catchy and fresh with the appropriate imagery. When the bridge/middle eight comes, there is a breakdown consisting of the bass and then rolling toms and guitar scratches that continue to pound and finally arrive at the oblig And by the time the last line of the chorus comes around, you are already singing along with it and preparing to press the replay button to hear this banger once more!