Mike McKenzie – The Art of Change

Mike McKenzie’s new project called The Art Of Change, makes me speechless. Whole EP is backed by Creative Scotland and written, arranged, produced and recorded in collaboration with the independent musicians in Scotland. It features piano, vocals, and string quartet. The outcome is an element of modernity that is unquestionably felt, even though it comprises older instrumental components.

“Getting Older” is an achingly arranged song, very much like the others. The strings (just as with each piece) perfectly support McKenzie’s vocals. It is a sweet love song and a perfect offering to introduce you to what you will enjoy further in the music.

The track, ” Lover,” will be available on September 9th. It chooses a more gloomy, sadder tone. It is the piano that gives the song its beat and mood, gently and slowly. The melody is soft with an acoustic touch that could be placed in pop music, but it is also very similar to the works of Paul Epworth.

“This House” is a song with motivating lyrics that is easy to sing. This is what makes Mckenzie’s songwriting so special – share something that has become familiar but still make it your own. The strings again are incredibly well-produced and are moved around within the mix in a manner that makes the song almost appear as poetic and beautiful as it is.

“Where do you go?” takes me back to Michael Jackson’s ballads, which are slower and a bit similar to the songs he produced between Bad/Dangerous. The song is touching and full of tenderness. The melancholy of the strings, which come in powerfully to a climax before fading into a more quiet and thoughtful ending, is indeed very real and beautifully rendered.