Leah Lawson – Colder

In that time around 2015 I desperately tried to find a way to deal with my fear and anxiety and so I began to lose my punk rock image and instead started listening to Gregory Alan Isakov, Bon Iver, Sharon Van Etten, etc. I exchanged distortion for something soft, quiet, and mainly acoustic. I am now a few years down the line and I get lost in the endless playlist, Infinite Indie Folk, where I found Julien Baker’s enchanting “Sprained Ankle.” Currently, today is another day when I play Lawson’s “Colder” for the first time, and I am immediately drawn to its similarities with Baker’s work. What I want to say is that I am always very careful not to lessen the value of others’ art by making such general comparisons. But I think, in this case, such comparison is safe to make as Lawson, herself, mentions this resemblance in her Spotify bio. Also, it’s completely okay if you have not heard of any of the artists I just listed. You should instead listen to “Colder” that I’m suggesting.

If you’re still not into those self-destructive playlists that are being played as the world gets slowly devoured, I’m telling you to start one with this song on the very first spot. And go ahead and pre-save the EP on all platforms, which comes out on 16 September.