Alien Tango – Workinonit

The alien Tango is Alberto Garcia, a Spaniard who is currently based in London. Through the song “Workinonit”, Garcia has come out with a psychedelic sound that is a masterpiece of its own kind, having a mixture of different genres and elements from all the musical decades. “Workinonit” is not your standard beige psych, which sounds like Tame Impala’s copy – this is creative and catchy.

Garcia has a voice which is extraordinary and simple, giving a special touch to all his musical compositions. Piano notes gently riffing over the top of the bass line, crafting the ideal hook, draw the listener in and make them feel safe. “Workinonit” comes in with another level of hype and pizazz; the synths make brief appearances and are then replaced by acoustic chords. The eccentrically-structured start of the song is followed by the end part where the rhymes are close to hip-hop.

Whether it’s the authentic songwriting or the energy poured into the details, you’re going to enjoy what Alien Tango has created. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed!