Laura Guldemond On Burning Witches’ Album, “The Dark Tower”

The latest album from Burning Witches, a heavy metal band called “The Dark Tower,” was released on May 5, 2023. The darker style of the album has thrilled the fans. The album gets into the gloomy and mysterious world of Countess Elizabeth Bathory, with high-pitched vocals, hair-raising riffs and a heavier sound to differentiate it from the band’s previous ‘The Witch Of The North.’ I did an interview with the band’s frontwoman Laura Guldemond recently where she was kind enough to open up about the new record, her love for classic heavy metal and her

“The Dark Tower” for the band is the first project with a well-established label Napalm Records and Laura is very happy to be a part of this project. She points out that signing up with Napalm Records has helped the band to distribute their music in whatever manner they want, whether digital or physically.

A long-time admirer of classic heavy metal and bands such as Judas Priest, Europe, and W.A.S.P., these are the musical forces that have shaped Laura’s evolution. “The Dark Tower” was the album where the group tried to create a heavier sound, finding their main inspiration in the mysterious Countess Elizabeth Bathory. The historical part of Bathory’s story is undoubtedly fascinating, but the filmmakers had made it clear that their goal was to explore the mystery aspects of the story, thus creating a chilling and thrilling atmosphere.

For the “The Dark Tower” release they took fan experience to a new level by playing a special release show where the fans got to listen to the new songs live. The line-up for the band is made up of songs like “The Dark Tower,” “Unleash The Beast,” “Tomorrow,” and “Evil Witch.” The fans can still enjoy the performance of the band at several festivals this current season, such as Wacken Open Air, and also a special appearance at the Swiss Comic Con. Laura also showed, she is to have some upcoming tours, among these is a much liked one being a return of the UK.

“The Dark Tower” symbolizes a novel chapter for Burning Witches as they unveil their heavier sound and the dedication of the band to the dark and mysterious world of Countess Elizabeth Bathory. The album is out now via Napalm Records, and live concerts are surely to follow, with the band performing these songs in venues all around the country. Now, you’re not just a spectator in this production, you are a participant in this movement, Go and watch the whole interview on our YouTube channel.

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