J. J. Chamberlain’s new single “Eyeballs” is a combination of indie rock with narration about inner struggle with a theme of personal grief and the power of moving on. Recorded with the help of Takashi Takemura, who contributed the drum tracks from afar, the production of “Eyeballs” is a true DIY project and it was Chamberlain’s own hands that mixed and mastered the track.

“Eyeballs” is tested in the fact that it is Chamberlain’s love for alternative rock, which reflects ’90s guitar sounds and at the same time is modern and fresh. The song’s emotional depth is complemented by the sonic clarity of the mix. Chamberlain, with his mixing of live drums, added an organic feel to the track, making it sound more robust. This one not only shows Chamberlain’s technical skills but also his ability to make people feel deep personal stories through music.

The “Eyeballs” song features the best moments in Chamberlain’s career when he successfully transforms his challenges into a wonderful melody. The single gives us the idea that the album will feature more emotionally charged songs, which will be augmented by alternative rock tunes.

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