Hannah Robinson – Nineteen

From Gateshead, England, Hannah Robinson has bestowed unto us the dream pop track, “Nineteen.” Over its four minute duration, Hannah seldom strays too far from what can only be perceived as her vocal comfort zone, but she is, nevertheless, truly effective in delivering the intended message of an all too familiar inner struggle: “As I closed my eyes on my nineteenth birthday, I realized that I was hiding behind the mask of an outgoing and happy person; inside, I struggled to remain grounded and lost all sense of my identity.” With shows like Euphoria, who have the Labrinth soundtrack in mind, we will hopefully have an even bigger rise in the artists who are singing about the darker sides of life. In the ’90s, we used to call it angst, and I don’t know what they call it now but I like it and have always thought of it as a way to physically get rid of those demons before they can destroy everything. I guess you are not dead either since you’re still reading this and may even enjoy it, so play this melancholic song and remember that you’ve survived all that and are still alive. What’s more, Robinson’s goal was to create a track that would be like a tune you can relate to, a song that you can find comfort in, or perhaps a music that can make you reflect on your own journey and the struggles you have been through.