B of Briz – Charioteer

The artist known as BofBriz, from Bristol, describes her music as “weird ass feminist rap” in her own words. Her vocals have a sleek and polished sound, a distinctly English accent, and are well executed on this new track, “Charioteer”. The song flows with great lyrical content, cleverly constructed, with perfect phrasing.

This is not a rapper who is coining words in order to copy the social commentary of the likes of Jamie T, but rather it reads like a chapter of the Odyssey. The language is stately, elegant, and shapely.

The musical accompaniment to this tale is a throbbing drum beat that is gradually picking up the pace of the song until it reaches a galloping piano rift, metallic sounds and electronic-like vocal effects.

Briz is a young, and very talented artist who is completely in love with music. Thus, I would highly recommend you to definitely listen to her music.