Album: Nothing to Do by Jovi Skyler

And once again, we are on this journey of discovery with the most magical musical moment presented by Jovi Skyler from his “Nothing to Do” album, an album that you should definitely listen to as soon as possible since it will be a wonderful accompaniment to your days. Jovi Skyler’s new album, “Nothing to Do,” which came out on May 19, 2023, has been described as a grunge-inspired musical trip with all the raw energy and introspection you could wish for. The album consists of ten tracks that mix punk, alternative rock, and psychedelia. It brings back the ’90s rock sound, which many

The album starts with “If You Think So,” which is the opener and prelude to the entire album. In the song there is a distorted guitar and a powerful rhythm section that generates a feeling of tension and the inexplicable desire to move. The lyrics are intimate, Skyler is pondering over his place in the universe and the reason of his living.

The second song, which is titled “Nervosa,” is a very fast and loud punk rock song that proves Skyler’s vocal abilities. The song contains a strong hook that easily gets stuck in the head of listeners. The third song, “Danger Land,” rocks the boat by introducing a more laid-back groove and a psychedelic guitar solo.

The song that really lingers on is “Got It Wrong” with its addictive melody and chorus which you can easily join in. The song is accompanied by a groovy rhythm section and a jiggy guitar riff that is going to make the audiences nod their heads. The lyrics are introspective, and Skyler questions his actions and wonders if he is on the right track.

“Nothing To Do” is a ground-breaking debut album by Jovi Skyler. It has a mixture of punk, alternative rock, and psychedelia, and his song-writing skills are well reflected in this album. The album is characterized as being ’90s alt-rock nostalgia with grunge-like travel and raw energy of self-introspection. Music lovers, who fell in love with the ’90s rock and alternative music, will not be disappointed by this album.

Jovi Skyler’s voice is one of a kind, having the right tones and heartfelt performances, her personal style is such a delicious and irresistible treat that takes us aboard with sincerity and emotion. “Nothing to Do” is a pure melodic journey, which will alter your mood and quiet down your mind.

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