The Forensics – Change My Mind

The Forensics are a four-piece band from Lancashire or the northwest of England; their first single, “Change My Mind,” is releasing on July 26th.

The intro of this indie pop song is a very typical “here’s your anthem,” as it starts with a stripped-down version of the chorus, and then drummer Dan Lewis gives us an irresistible kick drum that makes us dance along. The band accompaniment, especially the guitar melody, finally joins in, and it is so catchy that it can be sung along like an ear worm.

In addition to them, they mentioned The Smiths, however, to me, there is no trace of that. Along with the others, they list The Verve, which is noticeable, probably, in Liam Reilly’s vocal performance; he is hitting all the right notes and has just enough edge to stand out from the rest of the bands in the same class of indie rock.

Jasper Smith plays the four string bass track that glues the pieces together. Although bass players are usually the least appreciated for their contribution in the review, I would say that Smith’s lack of effort would have made the whole track lose some of its danceability, which the song might be doing by the end of the summer.

The principal thing is that “Change My Mind” is a great way for The Forensics to let music fans to know about them even those people are residing outside of Lancashire, especially those who are interested in fast pop songs with a danceable rhythm and meaningful lyrics that could be about love, best friends, or both.