Sophie Dorsten – Mountain Song

Sophie Dorsten is a singer who sees her music belonging to the genre of indie/ pop/ alt Z, but when she releases her songs, they are all full of the positivity and confidence of the country music. Now, in my internal dialogue, I refer to myself as a part-time punk and random screamer, who have never really found any personal relation to the jolly cousin of folk and often find it slightly annoying in the way that one would usually become annoyed by a colleague who always feels that everything is an opportunity, even if we are both being fired. This is where Sophie Dorsten’s role begins. There is real, emotional Hurt in her singing performance–Hurt that go beyond the words, something deeper, like the hope of the darkness that will come for us all eventually. Now, this is not the cousin of a fair tale, oh no, this is the Angel of Death, the ultimate harbinger of catastrophe.

The album was recorded at RAK studios in London and produced by Adam Mills and Alex Dorsten (Sophie’s brother and co-composer). The end result is a piece of music that is clean and tight with minimalist guitar that leaves enough room for vocals. It is the same 1965 Gibson J200 guitar that Jimmy Page played on the song “Babe I’m Gonna Leave

However, the magic dust from the rock gods is a bonus to this song, and at the end of the day, it is all about the vocals, and what a voice, ain’t it? Sophie soars the song like a bird carrying it to a story of heartache and broken heart. The tune is a war-like song, and the rest of the history of the rock is associated with this song, so that the man with the tambourine in the background may be Liam Gallagher who cheers her on.