S.T. Manville – How To Belong

S.T. Manville is a singer/songwriter who I stumbled upon during the end of my Spotify browsing while looking for another artist’s song. I clicked on his latest release, “How To Belong” and the Elliott Smith vibe was just right, so I invited him for a feature. And Elliott Smith fans are probably going to listen to this and call me a liar, but I felt what I felt and if the doubled vocals do not convince you, the emotion in the hook just might: “Everything is different, however nothing has changed inside… I can’t escape the place I am going through… I am searching again, but the truth is still there… I don’t know what I can do to belong…” The song is dark, moody and unhurried – and you will most likely add it to the playlist you listen to when your world is collapsing.

Manville also has a 2021 EP, How To Belong, that I consider one of the best. Despite the fact that it is named after his latest single, they are missing any connection if otherwise. The first track, “Four Walls,” is not that different from the others, although it is a little bit more upbeat. I wish I was playing my guitar in this moment, instead of writing this blog.