Reliant – Heaven or Hell

Out of the blue, straight at your face is Reliant with the track “Heaven or Hell” from the UK town of Reading, this band don’t care about what people think. It’s either the old skateboarder in me or the effect of four cups of coffee, but in this track I wanna break some sh*t from the very second the rhythm section of this track joins the wicked guitar riff.

Although the song was released in May of this year, the only thing that it misses in order to be a part of an ‘80s punk scene is the chorus that has no gang vocals. However, the breakdown at 2:For example, 30 is more than compensates it. Therefore, if you were unfortunate enough to get stuck in traffic on your way to this sh*tty job, blast this music to ten and ask yourself, “Is this heaven or is this hell?”