In the newest work of Proklaim’s artistry, “For You,” Proklaim yet again showcases his unprecedented dexterity as an artist, seamlessly blending together the vibrant sounds of Afrobeat, pop, and hip hop genres to create a masterpiece of a sound that is both novel and enchanting. Recoded at the renowned PEN PUSHAZ STUDIOS and mastered at the AUDIO ART in Namibia, this track is a reflection of love and [foremost] life [time and day], so it gives any listener an opportunity to get involved in a cross-cultural celebration.

At the heart of the appeal of “For You” is Proklaim’s talented use of the word “yebo”—a Zulu exclamation meaning “yes”—as a lyrical device, not only as a call to action but also as an invitation for the audiences to connect more closely with his music. The song’s structure, following the conventional verse-chorus pattern, gives a smooth transition between the different parts marked with specific melodies and rhythms each. The lyrical verses prepare the groundwork for the central theme. The choruses do the remaining job of driving home the importance of love and the present moment. A bridge may get a new instrument added to it that shows how the importance of love in different aspects of life is also transformative.

Not only has Proklaim shown his skills as a musician but also as a performer who captivated audiences in various types of venues and events, carrying on with themes of spirituality, politics, and even with touchy issues. His discography that consists of such names as “Righteous,” “all eyez,” “Bad Thing,” “Starfall,” and “Poppin” testifies to his broad creative scope and a masterful ability to portray different stories.

“For You” is the manifestation of Proklaim’s more than just provoking evolution in music though, it persistently seeks to forge a bond by his works that ushers in a sense of unity among his listeners. Kwaito, through its infectious melodies, and afrobeat, combined with their rich influences, are the key elements that Proklaim throws away in his talent to sing, and his dedication to produce songs that transcend geographic and cultural boundaries, engaging the listeners with all the cares of love and all the joys of now.