PARIS The Prince – Take My hand

Seeing him on the stage, PARIS The Prince demonstrates that he is back with his new song ”Take My hand”. Through juxtaposition of retro uppercuts with modern day steps, this crafty artist wins our hearts. With its catchy chorus of “Take My hand”, it’s no doubt one of the best songs we’ve heard lately. So by this new track PARIS The Prince adds to his repertoire a rhythm with infinite landscapes . The beat is so dope and the music production is super and smart, and it brought this song to another level. The name of the artist and singer is Octavio A. Gomez, known as PARIS The Prince (PTP). He is an eighteen-year-old Mexican-Guatemalan from Tualatin, Oregon. This artist utilizes his art for the purpose of embracing and taking people through the hardships they might be going through.

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