Matt DeAngelis – Speak For A Moment

Matt DeAngelis, the indie pop prodigy, at the tender age of 24, from the deep south of New Jersey, USA, has just released, a pop sensation “Speak For A Moment” which is a motivational song that calls on its listeners to go on a journey of self-discovery, while at the same time reflecting on what is happening in the world around them and incites action

The expressive power of this forte song is also virtuously expressed through DeAngelis’s vocals, which have been likened to Billy Joel of the legends. His vocal contribution is accompanied by a sky-touching guitar tune that also helps build the song with an emotional message.

Notwithstanding the fact that the song is serious-minded and conveys a strong message, it carries the spirit of upliftment and infectious cheerfulness throughout its entirety. This contrast of deep and meaningful lyrics with an uplifting musical composition is the specialty of “Speak For A Moment.” All the listeners of this song get involved and connected in a unique and engaging way.

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