LOVE GHOST’s latest single, “DO YOU LIKE ME NOW?” is a fierce alt-metal anthem that showcases the band’s unique ability to blend raw emotion with powerful instrumentation. Produced by the renowned Mike Summers (Tech N9ne, Kendrick Lamar, Lil Wayne), this track is a sonic powerhouse. From the opening riff to the pounding drums, Love Ghost’s signature high vocals, filled with grit and passion, take center stage, creating an intense atmosphere.

The collaboration with Cinnamon Babe adds an electrifying layer to the track. Her menacing whisper and defiant lyrics, “In my truth is the me you hate / I lost some faith in becoming my best / Cause being hated is something I accept,” provide a chilling counterpoint to Love Ghost’s relentless energy. The accompanying video, directed by King Zabb, creatively portrays a heated gaming session between the artists, symbolizing their constant competition and hustle.

As an admirer of LOVE GHOST’s relentless energy and innovation, I find this single to be a testament to their resilience and creativity. Follow LOVE GHOST on their social media platforms to stay updated on their upcoming releases and witness the evolution of their incredible musical journey.

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