LAZA! – I Don’t Care!

LAZA!, a vibrant ensemble from London, has made a remarkable entry into the indie music scene with their debut EP, “I Don’t Care!” The band, consisting of Luiza Lale on saxophone and lyrics, David Lale on cello and production, Ana Gracey on vocals, and Chris Sanchez on guitar and production, offers a fresh and eclectic sound that defies geographical boundaries. Despite forming during the global lockdown, their synergy is palpable, resulting in an EP that is both sassy and soulful.

The title track, “I Don’t Care!,” sets the tone with its high-energy and defiant attitude, encouraging listeners to embrace their individuality. Ana Gracey’s powerful vocals soar over punchy drums and swirling synths, creating an infectious groove that is impossible to ignore. The EP continues with “Real Life Is So…,” a more introspective track that explores the complexities of adulthood, showcasing the band’s versatility.

“Girls,” an anthem of female empowerment, radiates positivity and camaraderie with its catchy melodies and empowering lyrics. “Rise Up” offers a heartfelt ballad that builds to an uplifting crescendo, emphasizing the importance of seeking support during challenging times. The EP concludes with “Hell Yeah!,” an exhilarating electronic track that perfectly encapsulates LAZA!’s bold and unapologetic sound.

Recorded at Temple Studios, a space rich in musical history, “I Don’t Care!” is a testament to LAZA!’s commitment to authenticity and self-expression. The band’s influences, including Zayde Wolfe, Sam Tinnesz, and Little Mix, shine through in their unique blend of pop, rock, and cinematic elements​.

This debut EP is a stellar introduction to LAZA!, showcasing their dynamic range and infectious energy. As one listener put it, “This is just the start for LAZA!, and ‘I Don’t Care!’ introduces a band that’s sure to go far.” Follow LAZA! on their journey by streaming their EP on Spotify and stay tuned for future releases by connecting with them on social media.

Connect with LAZA! on Instagram, and their official website.

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