Jake Knox – Jake is Dead

Jake Knox’s next release is ”Jake is Dead”. The singing voice of Jake Knox, really enchanted me as it has a captivating and attractive tone. The lyrics are so one-of-a-kind and are in harmony with the tune. They sound quite professional as well. ”Jake is Dead” It the song that speaks about where we went when we talked about the situation that made us saddened and unhappy. It is just a mere Jake Knox’s life as it is but intended to be a companion to others who are going or has already gone through the same experience. It is Jake Knox’s performance, which seems like a spell to me, that is the most appealing. Through gentle and wonderful swings, as well as sensual beats, ”Jake is Dead” draws feelings from our hearts. This extraordinary work has left us so much to wait and wish for the future of Jake’s career during the next few months.

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