DON’T GET LEMON – Have Some Shame

“Don’t Get Lemon” is making a name for themselves in the second album, “Have Some Shame,” which is a mixture of synth-pop and glam rock, and their eclectic musical influences can be observed in this album.

The album is the result of the trio’s recording and production in rural Texas with the help of Dan Duszynski and it is a vibrant exploration of emotional and sonic landscapes which is far from the conventional coldwave music. Finally, this 37-minute, nine-song album has a catchy blend of heartfelt sounds mixed with some ’80s nostalgia. It feels like it has been taken from a John Hughes film soundtrack. They are the band comprising Austin Curtis, Nicholas Ross, and Bryan Walters. They are a band with a very unique energy in the album. Curtis’ voice is the one that conveys the sensual movement of Elvis and the chameleon-like adaptability of David Bowie, which makes the songs more charismatic.

Their sound is not only a tribute to famous new-wave bands but also has modern effects, which are similar to LCD Soundsystem or Cold Cave, and the result is a rich but familiar musical space.”Have Some Shame” is proof of the band’s innovative spirit and their devotion to making songs that have personal and artistic relevance to the fans and even to the new listeners, hence keeping them hooked.

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